Great BC Bake-Off

5th Annual Great BC Bake-Off – Presented by Edible Vancouver & Wine Country.

• Check out the winning 2014 recipe here! •

Great BC Bake Off - Presented by Edible Vancouver and Wine Country MagazineThink you’ve got superior baking skills? Prove it in our amateur baking contest! Enter all three categories or just one.

  1. Fruit Pie – any kind of fruit cherry, peach, apple, berry etc.
  2. Open – anything goes within the outlined rules – entries must not require refrigeration
  3. Butter Tarts  – this is a Canadian competition after all!

 Official Rules

  • This contest is open to individuals or groups working as a team
  • You can enter just one or all 3 categories
  • Pies must have bottom and side crusts – a top crust is not mandatory
  • A neatly handwritten or typed recipe for the pie and pie crust must be submitted on a single sided standard 8 ½  by 11 sheet of paper.
  • $10 entry fee per pie/tart entry – enter as many as you like (minimum of 6 tarts must be turned in per entry) Entry fee must accompany the pie/tart entry and paid in cash only.
  • All entries MUST be made from scratch – including the pastry, no store bought entries will be accepted
  • If you pie plate is not disposable it must be clearly marked for easy return
  • Contestants agree to have their photos and recipes published without compensation
  • No toppings should be submitted with the pie including whipping cream or ice cream
  • All pies submitted for judging will become the property of Well Seasoned and will not be returned to the entrant after judging
  • Contestants must be 16 years of age or older
  • Entrants must be amateur bakers – meaning you cannot make all or part of your living by baking
  • If you are competing in the BBQ Contest you may bake your pies/tarts off site and bring them with you or you can bake on site if you are so inclined


  • Ribbons will be awarded for the top 3 submissions in each category
  • First place winner in each category will receive a $150 Well Seasoned gift card


  • Pies/Tarts will be judged by a panel of 6 judges
  • Pies/Tarts will be judged  –
    • 50%taste –   taste is judged on flavour
    • 20% appearance –  appearance is judged on both the pre-slice & post-slice look of the submission
    • 20% crust  –  crust is judged for tenderness & flavour
    • 10% for originality & overall appeal –  how impressive in general for originality & execution of the recipe
    • Each judge assigns a numerical value in each criteria category, without consultation with the other judges.  For a total of 100 points.  The pie receiving the highest total numerical value is the winner in that category.   In the case of a tie, the judges will judge those pies/tarts again.
    • Entries will be accepted from 10am – 12noon at the designated tent at the Well Seasoned BBQ on the By Pass
    • Prizes will be awarded during the main BBQ awards ceremony at 4pm.
    • Judges decisions are FINAL
    • We will NOT accept PIES THAT REQUIRE REFRIGERATION (i.e. dairy or cream pies). The person running the Pie-Baking Contest will have the final say on acceptability of pies.
    • If you are a winner, you give your permission to have your photo taken during the awards ceremony and have it used along with your recipes for promotional purposes, including the BBQ on the By Pass and Well Seasoned websites

Download the entry form here: Great BC Bake-Off Entry Form